Mount Vesuvius —

Mount Vesuvius Vases / 2019
Refractory clay and recycled glass
14,5x21,5x4 cm / 11,5x14,4cm  

           — How could something as objectual as ceramics meet the immense concept of ‘landscape’?

In year 79AD, Pompeii became an architectural landmark which would preserve forever the violent image of nature imposing its will over a particular society. However, some of its inhabitants lived their last days peacefully — because they thought that Mount Vesuvius was just a mountain. This objects intend to evoke the poetry of such a tragedy, while offering a new recipient for exotic inflorescences and flowers to rise out of the ashes.

01 Mount Vesuvius
02 Pyroclastic rock
03 Cracked crater

For this work, I studied some of Pliny the Younger words about the eruption that destroyed Pompeii more than 2,000 years ago. I also studied old cartographies representing the succesive lava flows which took place in Mount Vesuvius within the XVII and XIX Centuries.

04 Cartography of Vesuvius lava flows