Artefactum —Investigation On Models

Architectural Design Studio 8 (2017)

01 Design of structure in 3D

           ‘Investigation on Models’ departs from a specific situation, a direct collaboration with our client, Factum Foundation, which proposes us the development of their new Center for scanning heritage in San Giorgio’s Maggiore Island, Venice. Artefactum provides architectural condition to an artistic work previously developed by our client Factum, called Terra Forming. The first input that determines the project was Fullers´s world projection, the Dymaxion, used as a topographic structure that constitutes the cover of the building. The deformation con the z axis imposed a few spatial conditions on which we based the programmatical, structural and constructive investigation. The floor plan arises from two programs that have been studied; the final result is an overlapping of both.

Unidad Docente Federico Soriano, Proyectos 8. Semestre de primavera 2017.
Collaborators: Álvaro Almazán, Clara Álvarez, María Escudero, Carlos Iriondo.
Client: Factum Foundation / Factum Arte.

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02 Building Model Carthography
03 Building plan 04 Transversal Section