Clara Álvarez — Architect and Designer

               ‘Some of the cracks have made themselves — others, due to the state of perpetual vibration of the molecules and athoms of adjacent bodies. Sometimes as a folding of the material some of the cracks distroyed the object, the rest of them multiplied it.’ 

Clara Álvarez (1993, Madrid) works by exploring the undefined border between material identity in architecture and design and its relation to the multi-layer objects and territories we inhabit at different scales. She studied Architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid (2018), where she has collaborated with the Department of Architectural Design as a researcher and teaching assistant.

During her long stay in Seoul (2015) she met the most amazing artisans and technicians who aroused in her a new love towards material sensitivity and the prevalence of craftswork in contemporary practices. In such a high-tech society where everything seems to turn into virtual, she noticed that the traditional stayed physical and vibrant. Clara has been speculating about combining new technologies with age-old craft techniques in her built work ever since then.

For the last years, she has been working with clay and recycled glass to create personal pieces. She is currently investigating on the potential of biopolitics and post-industrial landscapes at the Institute for Postnatural Studies, and considers ceramics as a powerful experimental tool to develop evocative aesthetics at this time of planetary change.


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